An exquisitely illustrated book of watercolor paintings. Locales include Tuscany (Florence, and Siena), landscape panoramas from the region of Umbria, and intimate vignettes of Venice and other cities.

Mastery of the demanding techniques of fresh-air painting is demonstrated in over sixty works of extraordinary quality chosen from several hundred "études" executed during the last seven years.

The artist has been described as "a master of close harmonies who gives us a subtle yet strong evocation of hills and buildings, flowers and tables. She captures the essence of place or thing through her sure sense of scale and her skill at using color to indicate the quality of light and fullness of three-diminsional form." (Evan Maureer, Director of the Minneapolis Museum of Art)

The book includes two interpretive essays by Graham Smith and Marvin Eisenberg, authorities on the culture and art of late medieval and Renaissance Italy.

Available for purchase online at University of Michigan Press, or Amazon.



Fully illustrated monograph featuring open air watercolors and oil paintingsof Hong Kong, China, and southeast Asia. Available for purchase online at Lulu.


(future publication)

A fully illustrated, comprehensive catalogue of works by Mignonette Yin Cheng. Organized chronologically, the work features the artists’ early sketches from the Russian Art Academy, later abstract landscapes, open air watercolors from Italy and the Far East, and large scale oil and wax emulsion paintings. The work represents Cheng’s mastery of form and color and displays over 200 works executed during her extraordinary career as an artist and teacher.

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